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Official 2017 2018 Real Madrid EU Hybrid Top available in adult sizes S M L XL XXL XXXL XXXXL.This training shirt forms part of the Real Madrid 2017 2018 training range and is manufactured by Adidas. This training shirt is vivid teal in colour.This training shirt is for the player that lives and breathes football 24/7.Fitted with a high collar for increased protection. With thumb holes for keeping you warm.Made from 100% polyester.

vivid 2018 Madrid Top Blue Originals Hybrid Real Teal Adidas Eu 2017 np8TEC

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Today's Report

Fun Factor:

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Location: Scuff Scuff men's Friend Old Old Friend 8HxIq0wOceanana Pier
Size: 1-2
Surface: glassy
Wind: NNE @ 5-10
High Tide: 5:36:00 AM
Low Tide: 11:41:00 AM
Water Temp: 78 °F
Sunrise: 6:44:00 AM
Sunset: 7:24:00 PM
The swell is starting to build and is forecasted to get bigger as Hurricane Florence continues to head this way....get ready !!!
Atlantic Beach, NC
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Blue Teal Top Adidas 2018 Originals Eu Hybrid vivid Madrid 2017 Real
Originals Real Blue 2018 2017 vivid Hybrid Top Adidas Teal Madrid Eu
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  • No Logos = Flat or Really Bad. Pretty much unrideable! A good time to get other things done.
  • 1 Logo = Rideable but not good form. Might not be worth the time or effort but there could be a few okay waves.
  • 2 Logos = Could be fun. Rideable and a few okay waves to be ridden.
  • 3 Logos = Fun! Better than the average day. Worth paddling out depending on the surface conditions.
  • 4 Logos = Really fun. Paddle out if you can. One of the better days of the year.
  • 5 Logos = Rare Epic or All Time conditions. Quitting work or skipping school is an option but not encouraged. Why are you still reading the report! Paddle out now!

Please read the report description for a better explanation of all factors regarding the waves. We report conditions in "A moment in time" and conditions can change right after the report or between reports. Don't kill the messenger. Email Mother Nature for changing the conditions if you miss it. Thanks for checking The only report in town that checks the surf 4 times daily with our feet in the sand during rain, sleet, snow, or shine.